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Lorentz Solar Pumps were Installed in                             the Kunene Region

We have recently installed several Lorentz Solar Water Pumps in the Kunene Region for the Human Wildlife Conflict. After six months, we checked all our pumps to ensure optimal performance and we are glad to announce that all our pumps were exceeding their expectation under these harsh conditions.


During this period, we  offered full-day training in Opuwa on the basic caretaking of their pumps and various other important topics on renewable energy and how to best safeguard their assets.


It was very successful and all farmers participated with great eagerness and enthusiasm. Farmers are now in the position to be to look after their Solar Pumps


During these training sessions, we also introduced the Lorentz S1 - 200 - a newcomer to our extensive range of solar pumps. This small solar water pump offers incredible flexibility and big performance.


Te=he attendants were very impressed with Terrasol's training initiative.


We are extremely confident that all these communities will make a huge success from this initiative.


We design Solar Pump systems that suit your requirement. From very small to very big Irrigation plants. 


We have finished designed packages to suit your requirements.


Whether small or big we can assist.


TERRASOL’S Solution for Every Borehole, Tap and Irrigation System

TERRASOL Engineering is one of the leading companies in the renewable energy sector in Namibia and has the Sole Distributorship for LORENTZ SOLAR PUMPS. Our product is unique with “State of the Art” technology that can bring a lot of benefits and savings to various organisations.

TERRASOL held a LORENTZ Solar Pumps Product Information Day on 23 and 24 May for interested parties from Government Ministries, NamWater, NGOs and Private Sector.  The owners, Rolf and Oliver Rohrmüller, introduced the company and welcomed the participants. Kai Reinecke, representative of LORENTZ Pumps, all the way from Germany, introduced the complete product range and technology.

“Water is never for free. If money is not spent to pump it from one place to another, then labour is needed to get the water from a river or to dig a well and maintain it”, Reinecke said. The most important factor is that water is affordable. Using solar power is the cheapest way to pump water since solar panels have been become very cheap compared to some years ago. Even the World Bank recommends the use of solar pumps instead of diesel pumps or pumps connected to grids.

Technology has improved rapidly and solar power can be used to run any pump system. The return on the investment is within two years according to the experts from LORENTZ, the biggest solar pump producing company worldwide. “Namibia is one of the few countries worldwide which is optimal for using solar power. Namibia’s future is solar because the amount of sunshine there is close to perfect”, Reinecke said.

The value of land in Namibia is not the land itself but the water underneath. Using the proper pump, the right solar system and control mechanism will be the most efficient way to use water. “Our system can not only monitor the pumping rate and water flow, but also the weather and solar output, and store data for long periods”, the expert from Germany pointed out. Farmers, water suppliers and companies can monitor the pumps via mobile phone or computer, programme the water supply and can even be alerted if somebody tries to steal the panels and/or pumps. “We have various ways to secure pumps, solar panels as well as the controller, in addition to the digital warning and alarm systems”, Oliver Rohrmüller added.

By using hybrid power support, a constant pressure can be obtained and water will be available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. “We at TERRASOL can supply solar-powered pumps for boreholes, dams, irrigation and to supply drinking water at different outlets”, Rolf Rohrmüller explained.


LORENTZ is a market leader in solar-powered water pumping solutions and was founded in Germany in 1993. The company is active in 120 countries and one of their dedicated partners is TERRASOL in Namibia. Namibia, the driest country in sub-Saharan Africa, has a lot of sunshine and is in need of water for humans and animals. The cost of water is dictated by the costs of transporting the water from the source to the consumer. Solar power can reduce the costs and secure the supply of this precious resource.  

Customers and Partners that attended our Training and information day. 

Kai Reinecke - Channel Manager who presented the training.

Oliver and Rolf owners of Terrasol Engineering hosted the Lorentz training and information day at the Old Wheeler's Club.