Company Profile

The company Terrasol was founded 1989 with the aim to promote renewable energy in Namibia. During the starting years, solar was not common in Namibia and especially solar water pumps. Terrasol designed and started to distribute the Juwa solar pump. The Juwa pump is up to now the only patented Namibian solar water pump that was exported internationally.

Since 2004, Terrasol is the agent of Lorentz solar pumps in Namibia and one of the biggest suppliers of solar pumps in the country.

To expand the product range it was decided to sell solar off-grid systems and solar grid-tie systems. A wide variety of systems were installed only incorporating the latest in technology, quality and a reliable system design and sizing.

Due to the introduction to an agent network throughout Namibia and Angola, the customer base and sales grew tremendously over the last years, with customers, being resettlement farmers, commercial farmers, Ministries and private households.


Terrasol also offers training courses for solar water pumps and is proud to share its knowledge with the Namibian people.